Testing of PES Clear Vinyl Sheet Glass

All PES are made to withstand wind, weather and with proper care will withstand years of heavy use. Our materials are most commonly used in the marine industry and chosen due to our many years in the sailmaking industry. If it’s good enough for offshore boating, you can bet it will work well to enclose your outdoor space!

Below are 3rd party testing of the PES clear vinyl.

It is the same clear vinyl used in Jeep Wrangler soft top & off-shore yachts.

We make Porch Enclosure Systems for looks & longevity! Our customers demand better, and we won’t work with anything less. Our clear vinyl sheets are specifically designed for automotive, marine, premium enclosures and awning applications. The manufacturing process makes it far more dense and resistant to yellowing, mildew & clouding. The shrinkage/expansion rate of our press-polished vinyl sheet glass is less than 0.5% (5-7% typical for extruded PVC, which we do not use). Bottom line: our product can be cut to fit your outdoor space more closely than inferior products that have to be oversized like a shower curtain. Why have a clear product if you can’t see through it? Ours offers greater clarity, superior longevity and good looks you’ll be proud of.

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