Maryland Home Builder, Crown Homes, Endorses Porch Enclosure Systems

Steve is a builder who added a beautiful screened porch with stone fireplace next to his pool. As temps got cooler, his wife added curtains but they weren’t sufficient to keep out the cold and blocked the sun (good in summer, not good in winter). He contacted us wanting an enclosure and loves the results.

“We were looking for a product that utilized Isinglass, and my wife discovered Porch Enclosure Systems, a local business, and we didn’t even know this product existed, and it perfectly matched our needs.”

“I like the Isinglass because it’s the product that used on boats off-shore and known for withstanding bad weather, the fact of the ease of use, plus getting the view at the same time as getting the protection is a big thing for me.”

“The design that they did with the protection option, the system itself, how it’s attached and how it easily retracts and the type of hardware that they installed was very good and matched our needs.”

“The hardware exceeded my expectations. On the wall they used a vinyl and canvas in a color that was hard to match on our existing house, and the stainless steel that they used, the fasteners that they used to keep it secure when it’s down give it a very tight fit.”

“It’s the best of both worlds, when it’s down it gives us the protection we need during the wintertime or in the spring during a bad rainstorm, and then during the summertime, it’s easy for us to roll it up and secure it, and it’s out of sight.”

“We have a big screen tv out there on the porch and a bunch of furniture and a masonry fireplace that we use during the wintertime which is nice.”

“We use the porch all winter-long that’s the reason we put it in. When the porch enclosure system is down, it blocks the wind, cause we’re right on the water. It’s probably a good 20 degrees warmer, depending if we have the fireplace burning, and/or sometimes we have a small kerosene heater when we don’t want to use the fireplace at that time. We can keep it 65 degrees even when freezing cold outside.”

“I think the quality of the materials that they choose to use are first-rate. The installation was wonderful. They worked around my schedule and got it installed on a moment’s notice when I had a party coming up and it ended up snowing that day! They do a great quality job, and they exceeded my expectations.”

“My wife and I wanted to use the porch as an extra space and still be able to maintain a comfort level that was where we needed it to be and have something that didn’t detract from the style and look of our house.”

“On a rating scale of 1 to 10 I’d give PES a 10.”

“As a homebuilder of 30 years, I would definitely recommend this product for anyone who was building a home that had some type of porch that they wanted to utilize more often during the year instead of just during the good weather times.”

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