Patio Wind Blocking Roll-Up Curtains

The Perfect Wind Blocker for your Porch or Patio  

Wind protection is the number one reason customers choose Porch Enclosure Systems. PES allows you to block the windward side of your screened porch or patio while maintaining a clear view. PES wind blocking curtains can be rolled down partially, completely and independently to stop the wind as needed. Our heavy duty and attractive wind blocking panels are made with 100% marine grade materials which means a built-to-last system that remains quiet and still in high wind conditions.

This waterfront gazebo is regularly confronted with tropical storms and winter nor’easters, yet remains quiet and dry inside. The homeowner regularly drops their wind blocking curtains independently based on wind direction allowing his family to enjoy more time outside.

This waterfront wedding venue on the Potomac River just south of Washington, DC choose PES to assure their large pavilion and guests are protected from heavy wind and weather which is common at their location.

Our wind blockers not only keep your patio or porch still, they keep out weather, cut down on noise and will warm up your space. They are made to fit snugly, so they won’t shake or flap in heavy wind. 

This waterfront space uses our oversized curtains to block heavy wind and weather in the off-season.

Our wind blocking curtains are custom-engineered based on your porch’s unique framework and desired window placement to assure a snug fit along the sides and bottom of each panel.

This PES client added our PES wind blocking curtains to their porch to keep out the prevailing Northwest winter wind. Now they can use their porch’s fireplace and enjoy the outdoor space all winter long. Choose from many colors to match your home and style.


The owners of this Delaware oceanfront home choose to install their wind block curtains internally to make opening and closing convenient from the second story. They used the curtains to shut down their porch in the off-season as well as to keep their space warm and still on windy days. This wind enclosure protects the screened porch from blowing sand and salt spray that can easily cover both furniture and deck quickly after a day or two of heavy winds.


PES Wind Block Curtains protect this gazebo regularly from wind, rain, salt spray and snow. Located just feet from the Chesapeake Bay, NorthEast winds gusting over 40 MPH are common here. Yet inside this gazebo, it remains calm and quiet, with a clear view. 

Customer Testimonial

“35-50 mph gusts sustained today due to Cristobal coming through Illinois. Storm cells with down burst of 60mph+ which took down part of this 35ft tree in the background.

Just Installed the system on Saturday. And it performed!!! Thanks again for all your help
and guidance.

Clayton Stivers”

*PES is rigorously tested at wind speeds up to 70 MPH, but since each of our panels is customized to your unique space there is no certified wind rating.  In general, we recommend curtains are rolled up and secured when sustained winds over 50+ MPH are expected.  Speak with your design consultant regarding your specific needs.

Resources for Considering a Porch Enclosure System

For assistance in determining how to properly fit a porch enclosure to your screened porch or patio contact the PES team today.

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