As Seen in The Star Democrat: Jumpstart the Outdoor Season with Porch Enclosure Systems

Welcome Spring and Your Guests with Porch Enclosure Systems’ Innovative New Product

STEVENSVILLE, Md. – March 14, 2017 – Porch Enclosure Systems (PES), an Eastern Shore Maryland-based manufacturer, is launching all-new options for their roll-up weather curtains for the 2017 season. The versatile, best-selling product that keeps porches dry and maintenance-free is now available in new colors, tinted vinyl glass and improved low profile fastening technology available for all types of porches. Amanda Jenkins, VP of Sales says, “I’m really excited that we can now manufacture enclosures for not just wood, aluminum and vinyl porches, but also stone, brick and even steel.” PES roll-up porch curtains continue to allow homeowners to enjoy their screened porches in a whole new way. Instead of waiting for the perfect summer day to enjoy their screen porch, homeowners are able to enjoy 70 degrees on their porch when it’s still in the 40s or 50s outside.

Weather often prevents homeowners from simply sitting and relaxing on their porch. The marine industry has understood for years how to help families stay safe and dry on their boats regardless of the weather by using enclosures that are easy to deploy. So it made sense when PES, originally a manufacturer of boat enclosures, began using this same type of technology on screened porches and patio. The PES porch enclosure design borrows its materials and methods from the boating industry, and helps families live the indoor-outdoor life more seamlessly.

Say goodbye to constant washing, sweeping and dusting.

Laura Gourley, a homeowner in Stevensville, Maryland said she loves her porch and uses it often, but the weather in Maryland is hit or miss. “We really love our screened porch, but wanted more use of it year round. We had looked at making our porch a permanent enclosure [as a sunroom] but it is outrageously expensive to add glass, so the Porch Enclosure Systems product was a great  alternative.” PES offers all the same year round living advantages of a sunroom while maintaining the charm of the porch and connection to the outdoors.

“We lived on the water in the woods and we had a screened porch, but we never used it because it was filthy dirty all the time because of all the pollen,” says Gourley. “We’d say, let’s have dinner there tonight, and then I’d have to go out and spend a half hour cleaning before we ate, so it became a space that we didn’t really use.” Now that she has an enclosure, a cleaner porch year round means less work for her, and more time enjoying the benefits of her outdoor living space. “If you want to have a porch where you can hose everything down, great. But I love to have the cushions and the comforts of fabric and pillows. PES is great because I went out and everything was clean. I didn’t have to consider wiping anything down,” Gourley said.

Abby Campi of Restorations, a St. Michael-based business that provides restoration, new construction supervision, and architectural services, works with PES on behalf of her clients. “Thanksgiving guests were toasty warm, so it really works,” reports Campi of a client who used a space heater inside her Porch Enclosure System. “The owner also said she keeps the PES curtains rolled down all the time when they’re not staying at their second home because it keeps out all the dirt,” she says. “And in the summertime when it’s thunderstorming, everything gets wet. Even if you have an overhang and screens you’re still going to get some water around. With the PES system, you can use the porch even when it’s raining, so customers are very happy.”


Even without a heat source, on a sunny day in the off-season PES creates a greenhouse effect with temperatures typically 20 to 30 degrees warmer than they are outdoors. The pressed polished vinyl sheet glass that make up the “window” portions of the roll-up curtains allow heat in, and are made of such tightly fitted, clear, high-quality material that people often don’t even realize the enclosure is rolled down. “If you drove by our house, if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t necessarily notice it was there,” Gourley said.

Never cancel an outdoor gathering due to poor weather conditions.

The versatility of these enclosures includes a host of benefits that make welcoming guests for gatherings, holidays and entertaining a breeze. PES protect your porch, furnishings, and décor, so you and your guests have the security of knowing that if the weather turns, you can quickly adapt your porch or patio to the changing environment. You can also use your porch, patio or gazebo earlier and more frequently in the off-season.

About Porch Enclosure Systems

Porch Enclosure Systems are the Chesapeake Bay region’s leading experts in manufacturing and delivering custom-fit, quality enclosures. Originally a builder of high-quality boat enclosures, PES evolved to serve the private residential, commercial and hospitality market. Made in the USA, Porch Enclosure Systems are revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge technology-driven innovations for superior beauty, quality and protection. PES provides in-home installation in the Mid-Atlantic, and convenient direct shipping throughout the U.S. & Canada.  For more information, call (410) 775-6421 (8AM- 5PM Eastern Time), schedule a call, or visit


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