Porch Enclosure Interview: Chester, MD: Laura Gourley

This customer wanted to enjoy her screened porch with her family into the fall/winter season. She had considered enclosing her porch and got a quote from a patio enclosure company but realized she’d lose her screened porch. When she found out we could enclose at the fraction of the cost and preserve her ability to eat outside on her screened porch, it was a no-brainer.

It’s February and it’s been mild and we had dinner out there the other night which was great, and with a little space heater when it’s cooler in the evenings, we just run that for a little bit and it’s fine.

“We lived down Route 8 on the water in the woods and we had a screened porch, and we never used it because it was filthy dirty all the time because of all the pollen. In the middle of all the Oak trees, it was a constant struggle to keep the porch clean. And we said, let’s have dinner there tonight, and then I’d have to go out and spend a half hour cleaning before we ate, so it became a space that we didn’t really use. PES has been great because as we go through this first pollen cycle, our goal is to keep it enclosed until the pollen is finished and then we should be able to utilize it, without having to go out and clean it every single time.”

“If you want to have a porch where you can have furniture, where you can hose everything down, great. But I love to have the cushions and the comforts of fabric and pillows and that sort of thing, so by having our porch enclosed, like I said, we had dinner there the other night, and it was great because it’s milder than it usually is in Feb., but it was great because I went out and everything was clean. I didn’t have to consider wiping anything down.”

“I’m thinking that if we keep the panels down long enough, that we will be able to avoid a deep spring pollen mess.”

“It’s just a nice way to extend the use of our house, it’s just that much more footage. In the spring and in the fall, when the nights are chillier, we have a full ceramic space heater that we can plug in and then be able to utilize that space more. Normally, without the PES you would not be able to.”

“We looked into doing glass and making it a more permanent structure. When we went to look at the product – we’ve been boaters for years and like the quality of the Isinglass that PES uses, so we just went for it. We have it on our boat and it’s wonderful. And when it’s lousy weather, it’s a great thing to be able to zip up and keep everybody on the boat dry and we’re familiar with it. So, using it for our porch was kind of a no-brainer. When we come in from being out on our boat, we just hose down the isinglass and we are looking forward to that same ease of cleaning. The quality of the Isinglass is wonderful and the enclosure fasteners are stainless, and in the long-run, will wear very well.”

“It’s nice because, we can raise and lower a panel here and there and if we need some air circulation that’ll be great. If we need to be enclosed on one side because of the wind that will be a possibility too.”

“The space itself, just from a cleaning standpoint, has been so much easier already.”

“When they first installed it, the enclosure had some wrinkles, but it has since molded with the temperature to the porch form with the heat from the sun and smoothed the product. If you drove by our house, if you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t necessarily notice it was there.”

“Ours is mounted on the outside because we thought that if we mounted it on the inside, we’re still going to have the filth coming in from the outside in the off-season. By mounting in on the outside, we’re blocking all that filtering of dirt and dust particles through the screen by protecting it with the enclosure. We feel the outside mounting will add to our cleaner porch.”

“It’s just a nice alternative to a very expensive sunroom. If you want something year round, with PES you haven’t lost your screen porch, but have the ability to extend your season. The product is great, I would recommend it to anyone.”

“In our neighborhood in particular, we have so many houses that have rear garages with a breezeway between the main house and the garage. All winter long you’re going in and out of that breezeway area. Imagine adding the PES to that breezeway area  – it would just be fantastic.”


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