Keep Your Screened Porch

You love your screened porch or gazebo – get more use out of it all year!

Until now, your choices were:

  1. Hiring a 3 season room company (expensive, and you lose your screened porch)
  2. Winterizing your porch by enclosing it temporarily with cheap plastic (unattractive, and your porch is too hot to use on warm winter days)
  3. Buying covers for your furniture (prevents you from easily using your porch and still allows in wind, rain, dust, dirt, pollen, insects weather etc.)

With Porch Enclosure Systems you can enclose your porch in just minutes, like opening or closing the blinds. On some days, you can regulate the temperature in your porch by adjusting one or more roll up curtain panels. Our flexible roll up curtain screen porch covers make it all possible.

Porch Enclosure Systems are so convenient and easy to use that our customers without exception find they are spending much more time on their screened porch. Imagine you want to step onto your porch to enjoy your morning coffee, a book or the Sunday paper. If your porch has been “winterized” (option 2 above), on a beautiful sunny winter day, your porch may actually be too hot to use! The cheap plastic used for this option also means you can’t see out, making your porch far less enjoyable. This solution is called “temporary,” but is actually permanent until you decide to remove the plastic – and then there’s no going back. Many of our clients turn to PES after buying custom covers for their furniture (option 3 above) because they are tired of taking furniture covers off and putting them back on when they simply want to spend 10 minutes on the porch with their coffee – sounds easy in theory, but they find they avoid the porch when the furniture covers are on. Plus their porches are still subject to the elements including wind, rain, dust, dirt, pollen, insects and weather and are “high maintenance” needing constant cleaning.

Our customers who have made the switch to Porch Enclosure Systems’s porch curtains find they are spending more time on their porches and their porch has become more low-maintenance. They love the flexible solution PES provides.

Call us today for a free estimate! Isn’t it time you start to truly enjoy your screened porch?

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