Isinglass Curtains On Your Screened Porch or Patio? Definitely!

Ever wish you could bring the ease, convenience and functionality of your boat’s Isinglass into your home? Now the flexible, clear pressed-polish vinyl sheet glass – a modern-day Isinglass – is available as curtains to protect your screened porch!

Modern-day Isinglass isn’t made with mica like its predecessors, first manufactured in the early 20th century for horse-drawn carriages and early cars. In the eyes of the ancient mariner, Isinglass was the cutting-edge technology that allowed him to see in any weather. Today, true Isinglass refers to the pressed-polished vinyl sheet glass used in the marine industry on high-end boats and cars.

At Porch Enclosure Systems, we use the very best-in-class pressed polished vinyl sheet glass in our Isinglass curtains, revolutionary for its resistance to creasing, scratches, yellowing and weather.

Isinglass has been used for years to protect yachts, high-end motor yachts, and in high-end cars. Now Porch Enclosure Systems brings you this same technology/materials, shown above, to help protect your outdoor living space from the elements.

Weather – even the smallest chilly breeze – can prevent homeowners from enjoying their porch to the fullest. The marine industry has understood for years how to help families stay safe and dry on their boats regardless of the weather by using enclosures that are easy to deploy. So it made sense when PES, originally a manufacturer of boat enclosures, began using this same type of technology to protect screened porches and patios. The PES roll-up Isinglass curtain design borrows its materials and methods from the boating industry, and helps families live the indoor-outdoor life more seamlessly.

We craft custom outdoor clear vinyl enclosures for porches & patios out of the latest Isinglass technology. Our Isinglass curtains roll up and down to protect your outdoor space from storms, inclement weather, pollen and pests. The Isinglass curtains can temporarily enclose a space for winter, and give restaurants more space to seat customers when the weather is uncertain.
We have created Isinglass enclosures for waterfront homeowners, homebuilders and architects. These discerning clients want the best quality and clarity for their outdoor space, and appreciate the marine-grade hardware we use on every porch enclosure. They also know that with a Porch Enclosure System, they’ll enjoy the great outdoors more often – and have more space and flexibility to entertain indoors or out no matter the weather – without sacrificing or permanently enclosing their outdoor space.

If you’re familiar with Isinglass, you’ll love Porch Enclosure Systems. Call us today to bring elegance, style and quality to your screened porch.

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