Keep Your Screened Porch Cleaner – 3 Season Use

Before PES. 

One of the most time-consuming tasks in opening a screened porch for 3-season use is cleaning out all of the dirt, dust, leaves, water and even pests that accumulate during the off season. With Porch Enclosure Systems, your clean-up time is virtually zero.

After PES. Curtains rolled up on left and rolled down on the right. See more photos. 

If you have a screened-in porch, you already know the screen is great for keeping the bugs out, but not so much the inclement weather.

Our systems, made for both residential and commercial use, keep the elements out of your patio or screened porch. Everyone and everything inside will stay clean and dry. Using your screened porch longer, for three seasons instead of the typical one or two, is an added benefit of Porch Enclosure Systems.

Our client had Thanksgiving dinner on her porch with PES curtains rolled down.

“We lived on the water in the woods and we had a screened porch, but we never used it because it was filthy dirty all the time because of all the pollen,” says homeowner Laura Gourley of Kent Island, Maryland.

“We’d say, let’s have dinner there tonight, and then I’d have to go out and spend a half hour cleaning before we ate, so it became a space that we didn’t really use.”

Now that she has an enclosure, a cleaner porch year round means less work for her, and more time enjoying the benefits of her outdoor living space.

“If you want to have a porch where you can hose everything down, great. But I love to have the cushions and the comforts of fabric and pillows. the PES product is great because I went out and everything was clean. I didn’t have to consider wiping anything down,” Gourley says.

A Porch Enclosure System is a must-have if you have a screened porch in an area with seasonal pollen blooms. Pollen comes in through the screens, covers everything and is difficult and time-consuming to clean. It gets everything so dirty, and in a screened-in space you have to stay on top of it every day.

Porch Enclosure Systems are great for keeping pollen out! You can lower them down temporarily until the trees leaf out and stop producing so much pollen. This makes your porch so much more low-maintenance.


So clear, you may not even notice the curtains are down. See more photos.

A dirty porch is a high-maintenance porch! A cleaner porch in the off-season means less work for you, and more to enjoy. Our customers with second, vacation and beach homes especially love the ease of opening for the season when they have a PES.

Abby Campi of Restorations, a St. Michael-based business that provides restoration, new construction supervision, and architectural services, works with PES on behalf of her clients. “The owner said she keeps the PES curtains rolled down all the time when they’re not staying at their second home because it keeps out all the dirt,” Campi said. “In the summertime when it’s thunderstorming, everything gets wet. Even if you have an overhang and screens you’re still going to get some water around. With the PES system, you can use the porch even when it’s raining, so customers are very happy.”

Great for vacation properties and second homes. See more photos.

Use your screened porch 3-seasons, even into winter, more flexibly with Porch Enclosure Systems. When weather, wind or water threatens — or in spring when the pollen makes cleaning up a pain — you can enclose it in just minutes, like opening or closing the blinds. On some days, you can regulate the temperature on your porch by adjusting one or more roll up curtain panels. Our flexible roll up curtain screen porch covers are THE affordable, low-maintenance alternative to 3-season rooms, or “winterizing” your porch.


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