Inside vs. Outside Install

Inside vs. Outside Install


Benefits of an Outside (PES Standard) Mount:

  • Simple and easy installation.
  • Protects more of your porch from weather, dust, and pollen.
  • Can increase the longevity of your porch or patio, and makes it a very low-maintenance space.  
  • Any porch screens are also protected from the elements like wind, rain and from collecting dust.
  • Panels will likely be completely out of view when rolled up (vs. inside mount where a roll will be visible at the top of your header).
  • When the wind blows, your outside-mounted windward curtains will press against the frame of your porch, reducing tension and stress on the fabric and fasteners. 
  • Simpler maintenance. 


For porches and patios that are not at ground-level, it is often necessary to do an inside mount in order to operate your system from inside, as opposed to operating your system on the outside of your porch.

Video: rolling up an inside-mounted PES

Some porches and patios are constructed so that additional framing is available in the corners and our curtains have a flat surface to mount, making an inside mount simple. Other screen porches lack flat surfaces in the corners where curtains can mount on the inside. Customers may choose to add the lumber needed to make this happen. Or, the porch may require a track system that uses vertical zippers instead of our standard self-locking fasteners. During your Design Consult, our fabricators will help you make this decision. 

Track System:

Caring for an inside-mounted PES requires a bit more time. You can hose down through your screen from outside. To wipe down, you’ll need to detach it from vertical supports (either self-locking fasteners along left and right hand sides, or zippers) and wipe with a shammy cloth and some mild detergent.

For quick maintenance of an inside-mounted PES, two people can clean it together. Wet and wipe down the inside manually with a soft shammy / cloth. To clean the outside-facing section, have one person gradually roll the panel up while the other uses a shammy (soft cloth) to wipe down the back, section by section.


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