Screened Porch Enclosure Systems

Below is a screened porch with the left two enclosure panels rolled down and the panel on the right rolled up.

Note the clarity of the glass.  Our enclosure panels utilize scratch, UV and stain resistant press polished vinyl sheet glass. This is a high tech and more durable solution that the enclosures found on many restaurant patios and special event tents.


Here are the same vinyl glass patio curtains rolled up and down viewed from the outside.




Removing the Panels

Our clear glass panels can remain attached year round or stored away for the summer. Removal is easy and only requires loosening two stainless steel screws in the top track and sliding the enclosure panels out to the left of right.

However, most customers choose to leave their patio curtains installed year round. Reasons include:

  1. Low profile design
  2. Big fluctuations in temperature in Spring and Fall
  3. Block pollen in late Spring early Summer
  4. Block the rain from Summer storms
  5. Curtains are UV resistant and also well protected when rolled up

Resources for Considering a Porch Enclosure System

For assistance in determining how to properly fit a porch enclosure to your screened porch or patio contact the PES team today.

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